GIGABYTE OC Guru II — opens access to the settings of graphics adapters from the manufacturer of the same name, displays information about device parameters and allows you to configure the profiles of the graphics card.


The program has not only rich functionality, but also an interesting appearance. Especially one of the versions that looks like a spaceship control panel. However, the utility’s capabilities are quite wide.

  1. Changing the GPU core frequency. The core frequency is exactly what affects performance in the first place. The program allows you to increase the operating frequency of the core (of course, within adequate limits). This increases the overall performance of the graphics adapter. But without a good cooling system, it is not worth doing this. The video card may burn out.
  2. Edit the bus frequency. The frequency of the memory bus of the video card also affects the speed of the graphics adapter. An increase of even a few steps can make the video card work much faster. However, you need to experiment with this carefully. In case of failure, you can kill not only the video card, but also the entire motherboard.
  3. Temperature monitoring. During overclocking, the core temperature rises significantly. The program monitors the current parameter in real time and, if a critical point is reached, issues a corresponding warning. It is urgently necessary to reduce the core and memory frequencies in this case.
  4. The possibility of testing. The program makes it possible to check the frequency settings even before they are applied. This way critical consequences can be avoided. If the settings are too high, the program will reset everything to factory standards. Then you can start a new selection of settings for the current graphics card.
  5. Protection against critical overloads. A very useful option in the application. If the applied settings lead to unstable operation of the graphics adapter and there is a high probability of a «fatal outcome», then the program can automatically reset everything to factory standards. This is useful for novice users.

Gigabyte OC Guru 2 is great for overclocking modern video cards (those that support this option). The program is completely free and can work with graphics adapters from various manufacturers. However, it should be used with a certain degree of caution. Inept user actions can lead to the loss of equipment.


Many users use this particular utility for overclocking. But how does it stand out among other products? A list of advantages.

  • simple installation process;
  • interesting design;
  • work with all Windows OS family;
  • does not require the installation of additional modules;
  • there is no advertising content;
  • the program is easy to manage;
  • easy to master the app;
  • a simple uninstall process.

The utility is aimed at fans of overclocking. Ordinary users may be interested in it only in terms of constant monitoring of the temperature of the video adapter. However, many install it on their computer.

Download Gigabyte OC Guru 2